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Water---Source of Life and Basis of Development


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International Conference on Seawater Desalination

Seminar on Innovation and Development of Seawater Desalination Technology
  • Current situation and progress of the desalination Industry
  • Innovation of RO membrane seawater desalination technology
  • Innovation of thermal seawater desalination technology
  • Seawater desalination and environmental issues
  • Technology on using, efficiency and energy recovery of seawater desalination energy
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment technology
  • Anti-corrosion control and material selection
  • Process design, operation management and economy of seawater desalination projects
  • Application of products that support desalination

Seminar on Development and Integrated Utilization of Brine Resources
  • Exhibition on reducing saline wastewater and efficient use of it as a resource
  • New technologies and developments on utilizing brine
  • Technical routes, engineering cases and economic analysis of water-salt co-production
  • Comprehensive utilization and green development of salt lake resources
  • Separation and extraction of valuable elements from brine resources (seawater, salt lakes, underground brine, etc.)
  • High-value product development of bittern chemical resources
  • Platform construction for testing and inspecting brine utilization

Seminar on Treatment and Reuse Technology of Civil Sewage
  • Market development of civil sewage treatment
  • Advanced treatment technology and process developments of civil sewage
  • Application of membrane technology in civil water treatment
  • Typical case analysis of civil sewage treatment and reuse

Seminar on Landfill Leachate Treatment Technology
  • Interpretation of policies and standards on landfill leachate treatment and discharge
  • Progress in landfill leachate treatment technology
  • ZLD and economy of landfill leachate
  • Typical Processes and Case Analysis of Landfill Leachate Treatment

Seminar on Sludge Treatment and Resource Utilization Technology
  • Interpretation of policies and standards on urban sludge treatment industry development
  • Technology progress and case sharing of sludge treatment and disposal projects
  • Development and engineering application of new conditioning techniques for pyrohydrolysis  anaerobic sludge
  • Research and application process of utilizing sludge as a resource

Seminar on Application Technology of Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Application of water treatment agents in the industrial field
  • R&D and application of special agents for seawater desalination
  • R&D and application of cooling water agents
  • R&D and application of reverse osmosis agents

National Technology Exchange on Industrial Water Conservation
and Pollution Control

Seminar on Pollution Control and Resource Utilization Technology of Oil and Gas Field Development
  • Policies and regulations on environmental protection in the case of water intake and discharge in oil and gas industry
  • Advances in pollution control and resource utilization technologies for oil and gas development
  • New technology on wastewater treatment and reuse in oil and gas industry
  • Integrated solutions and case analysis on wastewater treatment and water reuse in oil and gas production

Seminar on Wastewater ZLD Technology in Coal-chemical Zones
  • Ideas on the development of the coal-based chemical industry in the new situation
  • Progress of treatment technology for high pollution and high salinity wastewater
  • Application of membrane separation technology in coal-based chemical wastewater ZLD
  • Case studies of wastewater ZLD projects in coal-based chemical parks

Seminar on Wastewater Reuse and ZLD in Power Industry
  • Energy conservation and emission reduction policies and regulations of the power industry
  • Progress in wastewater efficient utilization and ZLD technology of power plants
  • ZLD technology for desulfurization wastewater
  • Application of integrated membrane technology in the boiler feed water treatment of power plants
  • Application of seawater desalination technology in the power industry
  • Optimization design and economic analysis of water treatment projects in power plants

Seminar on Highly-difficult Treatment Technology for industrial wastewater
  • Turning industrial wastewater into a resource and industrial policy analysis
  • Developments in industrial wastewater pretreatment process
  • R&D and application of key technical equipment in the case of anaerobic oxidation and supercritical oxidation
  • Low energy-consumption and high-efficiency advanced membrane treatment technology and application
  • Application of evaporation crystallization technology and salt separation and hazard-free disposal technology

National Seminar on Water Conservation and Wastewater Comprehensive
Utilization technology in Metallurgical Industry
  • Current status and development trends of water resources utilization in the iron and steel industry
  • Water conservation in iron and steel enterprises and urban wastewater treatment and renewable technology
  • Reduction of coking wastewater and its advanced treatment technology
  • Treatment and comprehensive utilization technology of industrial wastewater with acid, oil, extractant and heavy metal in the case of sintering, iron making, steel making and steel rolling
  • Application of seawater desalination technology in the water treatment of the iron and steel industry
  • Typical case studies of wastewater comprehensive utilization in the iron and steel industry

Water Science and Technology

Seminar on New Materials and Developments of Membrane Separation Technology
  • Research progress in mixed matrix membranes, renewable material membranes, biomimetic membranes, etc.
  • Electrochemistry, pressure-driven membrane and membrane processes
  • Research and development of ZLD and near-zero emissions and utilizing membranes as resources
  • Research and practice of short-flow seawater desalination technology
Seminar on Anaerobic Technology
  • Industrial and urban wastewater treatment depending on anaerobic technology
  • Innovation / emerging anaerobic technology
  • Anaerobic technology for resource recovery
  • High solid anaerobic treatment technology
  • Pretreatment and post treatment of anaerobic technology

Networking on Innovation and Business of China-Europe Waster Resources Technology
  • Release of China-Europe new technologies in key areas of water treatment, watershed management, remediation of water ecology, and sponge city
  • Release of China-Europe water technology demand
  • Business networking of China- Europe enterprises

Governance of Water Environment and Construction of Water Ecology

Seminar on Construction of Water Ecology Civilization and Innovation
on Water Bodies Comprehensive Treatment
  • Construction and development planning of water ecological civilization
  • Progress of implementing River Chiefs and River-Chief informatization construction
  • Integrated thinking on constructing ecological water networks in connection with river and lake water systems
  • Key technologies for watershed water environment governance and ecological remediation
  • Key technologies for wetland ecological protection and restoration
  • Technological innovation and application of dredging and sediment dredging in rivers and lakes
  • Disposal and comprehensive utilization of sediment in rivers and lakes
  • Development and innovation of water ecological PPP investment and financing mechanism
China Smart Water Development Summit
  • Layout and planning of national smart cities
  • Analysis on the development prospects and modes of investment and financing of smart water affairs
  • Solutions on smart pipeline network for water supply
  • Discussion on smart drainage solutions
  • Sharing of cases and applications of smart water affairs
Seminar on New Technology for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment in Rural Areas and Small Towns
  • Market development of sewage treatment in villages and towns
  • sewage treatment technology and process developments in villages and towns
  • Management and case studies on operation and maintenance of sewage treatment projects in villages and towns
  • Discussion on commercial modes of sewage treatment in villages and towns

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